User Committee

In order to represent the interests of the high field user community, nine members (all external to the infrastructures) are elected for a period of three years by the user community during the annual User Meeting. The chairman of the User Committee will report to the Board of Directors on behalf of the users. During the User Meetings the User Committee will report to the users and collect the feedback.  

  • Function: collect suggestions, requests or criticism of the users and transmit them to the Coordination Board
  • Contact for users:

The user committee would like to receive feedback about your experience at the high field facilities in Dresden, Grenoble, Nijmegen or Toulouse. Here you find our User Feedback Form. 

Raivo Stern(Chair)NICPB, TallinnNMR/ESR
Ashish AroraUniversity of M√ľnsterOptics and magneto-optics of 2D semiconductors
Mathias DoerrTU DresdenMagnetism
Karel ProkesHelmholtz-Zentrum BerlinMagnetism
Carsten PutzkeEPFL LausanneMetals/Superconductors
Antonio PolimeniSapienza Università di RomaOptics/Semicond
Alexandre PourretIMAPEC-PHELIQS-INAC CEAMagnetism/Superconductivity
Vassil SkumryevICREA, BarcelonaMagnetism/Magnetic materials
Stan TozerMagLabCMS