Selection Committee (SelCom)

The task of the EMFL selection committee is to ensure that from the proposed experiments only those are performed in the EMFL facilities that are of excellent scientific quality and clearly benefit from the access to a high field facility.

The Selection Committee evaluates the scientific proposals on the following three criteria:

  • scientific quality and originality of the proposal; 
  • necessity for the use of the infrastructure; 
  • track record and past performance of the user group.  

The EMFL Selection Committee consists of 18 members covering the five thematic categories to which proposals can be submitted to:

  • magnetism
  • semiconductors
  • metals and superconductors
  • soft matter and magnetoscience
  • applied superconductors

The Selection Committee consists of the following members, chaired by Jochen Wosnitza:

Xavier ChaudLNCMI-GApplied Superconductors
Jens HänischKITApplied Superconductors
Andries den OudenHFMLApplied Superconductors
Toomas RõõmNICPBMagnetism
Mathias DoerrIFPMagnetism
Yuri SkourskiHLDMagnetism
Uli ZeitlerHFMLMagnetism
Tony CarringtonUniv. BristolMetals and Superconductors
Mark KartsovnikWMIMetals and Superconductors
Alix McCollamHFMLMetals and Superconductors
Ilya SheikinLNCMI-GMetals and Superconductors
Duncan MaudeLNCMI-TSemiconductors
Amalia PataneUniv. NottinghamSemiconductors
Marek PotemskiLNCMI-GSemiconductors
Steffen WiedmannHFMLSemiconductors
Yves FautrelleINP GrenobleSoft Matter and Magnetoscience
Hans EngelkampHFMLSoft Matter and Magnetoscience
Simon HallUniv. BristolSoft Matter and Magnetoscience