25.06.2018 | 12:48 | Age: 86 days

Dr. Artem Mishchenko (University of Manchester) takes home the EMFL Award

During the EMFL meeting in Nijmegen the yearly EMFL prize was awarded. This time Dr. Artem Mishchenko, EPSRC Research Fellow in the Condensed Matter Physics Group of the University of Manchester, had the honour to receive the prize.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Wosnitza, Director of the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory and chair of the EMFL Board of Directors, handed over the award. Dr. Artem Mishchenko received the award for his groundbreaking discoveries at EMFL. He is working on graphene and other related 2D materials and used the EMFL labs in Grenoble and Nijmegen intensively and extremely successfully. In particular, using advanced magneto-transport and magneto-capacitance techniques he demonstrated how high magnetic fields can be beneficial for uncovering and manipulating spectacular physical phenomena in 2D materials.

Since 2009, the EMFL members ward annually the EMFL prize for exceptional achievements in science done in high magnetic fields.