• 10.03.2017

    Electrons in flat bands

    Layered materials can realize different stackings of their individual planes, different polytypes, to compose three-dimensional structures.read more

  • 09.03.2017

    Magneto-optics of monolayer tungsten disulfid

    Single-layer transition-metal dichalcogenides, such as MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, WSe2, are two-dimensional semiconductors with a honeycomb lattice. read more

  • 16.02.2017

    Non-collinear Heusler antiferromagnet Pt2MnGa

    Antiferromagnets (AFMs) have attracted increasing attention in state-of-the-art research. Their important role in enhancing the hardness of ferromagnetic electrodes through the exchange-bias effect in microelectronics, has been...read more

  • 25.01.2017

    Broadband spectroscopy at extreme magnetic fields: First results

    Magnetic fields exceeding 100 T can be obtained only by semi-destructive methods. In one approach, the magnetic field is generated by a single-turn coil, which explodes during the pulse leaving the cryostat where the sample is...read more