Ine Verhaegh and Thera Verkerk – Secretaries at the HFML in Nijmegen

We are Ine Verhaegh (left) and Thera Verkerk and together we form the secretariat of the High Field Magnet Laboratory in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We both work part-time, but together we make sure that during work hours there is always someone in the office. Ine has been working at the HFML for more than 15 years and Thera just started working at the HFML as of March 2014. The International guest program, the call for proposals and the organization of EMFL events are things that are an important part of our work.

As a user facility we have many external guests for whom we arrange the stay. We have two guest apartments on walking distance of the HFML. When they are already booked, we can help to find a hotel. For our guests at the HFML we also take care of the necessary administrative paperwork and provide them with badges and the keys for their apartment. With the information that we receive from our guests we also compile statistics for reports for the HFML, the Radboud University or even the EU.

Twice a year the call for proposals is sent to almost 2.000 potential users. If you want to perform an experiment in Dresden, Grenoble, Nijmegen or Toulouse you can request for magnet time online. All proposals are then evaluated by the Selection Committee. Afterwards we inform the applicants by mail if their proposal is accepted or rejected. Also the facility managers and directors will receive an overview.

For the EMFL we have organized a few events. For example the EMFL Days in Egmond aan Zee, with workshops for the 150 participants and an afternoon programme to Amsterdam. To the Rijksmuseum, a tour on the water and dinner for everybody. We hope you all enjoyed it. 

We appreciate the constructive collaboration between the European labs.  It’s important, also for administrative reasons, to learn from each other. 

For more information about HFML’s secretariat or any further questions you can visit our website or contact us directly at