Dr. Elizabeth Lauren Green, Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Germany

Dr. Elizabeth Green

I decided to pursue a postdoc at the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory because of its reputation and its world-renowned facilities. I completed my Ph.D. work at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee which is a DC field facility. I decided that as a postdoc I wanted to work at a pulsed field facility to learn new measurement techniques.

I am currently studying high B/T (high magnetic field, low temperatures) phenomena in a variety of materials including frustrated spin systems and organic superconductors. We are currently studying a pyrochlore that shows unique properties at low-temperatures. Unfortunately the work is not yet published so I cannot say too much about it. 

There is a limited amount of information we can gain about a material at ambient temperature and pressure. By changing these parameters we can gain a better understanding of the dynamics of a system. The same is true for magnetic fields which can alter the spin dynamics, magnetic moments, and can even result in phase transitions. The information we gain from measurements such as transport, magnetization, etc. performed in magnetic fields is invaluable to crystal growers and engineers who identify and perfect materials best suited for a particular function (i.e. faster electronic components).