Prof. Cedomir Petrovic, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York/USA

Prof. Cedomir Petrovic

I spent my sabbatical at the EMFL laboratory in Dresden and was there for six months. I’m particularly interested in the exploration of new superconducting materials and their properties in high magnetic fields. Some of these materials are of interest as potential candidates for applications related to energy transport and wind turbines, for example.

My colleagues and I seek to understand the microscopic mechanisms of unconventional superconductivity and to improve the critical properties of superconducting materials. This will accelerate the search for new superconductors that may ultimately lead to improving the capacity, efficiency, and reliability of the electric power grid. 

Some of the materials I make include heavy fermion superconductors, for example, cerium‑cobalt‑indium, a superconductor with the highest known superconducting temperature among materials in its class, and the recently discovered iron-based superconductors with very high upper critical fields and currents. Very high magnetic fields are a great way to see inside these newly synthesized materials so as to better understand and develop them.

Since I’ve already visited many scientific venues, I can say with full conviction that the Dresden laboratory is a very pleasant and well-organized research institution. Here, you get very competent support and always a helping hand. There’s a wide range of instruments – and all of them are working properly. I’ll come back in 2014 for another six months, and I’m convinced that I’ll work together with HLD researchers on many collaborative projects during and after my stay in Dresden.