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Scientist at LNCMI Toulouse (picture: William Knafo)The four labs continuously offer the possibility for Bachelor, Master, Diploma and Phd theses.


Position - Grenoble & Pheliqs

Interplay between Electronic Topological Transitions and Thermodynamics – IET³ 

Within the collaborative project between LNCMI Grenoble and PHELIQS laboratories to use the newly developed magnetization technique as a complement to the different well-established quantum oscillations probes (resistivity, Hall effect, thermoelectric power, and torque) to study the interplay of field induced Fermi surface instabilities and thermodynamics, the co-supervised PhD will be involved in the characterization measurements (resistivity, thermoelectric power, specific heat, magnetization ...) at very low temperature (Pheliqs) and high magnetic field (LNCMI Grenoble), data analysis, and improving the experimental devices. In addition to the 2 supervisors, the PhD student will also collaborate with other researchers in both laboratories doing complementary measurements on these compounds. If necessary, some measurements may be extended up to higher fields (60 or 90T) at LNCMI Toulouse (pulsed field facility).

It is also considered giving the student (if she/he is interested) the unique opportunity to synthesize her/his own single crystals because Pheliqs laboratory has a very performing crystal growth team.

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